The Adventures of Victor and Percy

The development programme ‘The Adventures of Victor and Percy’ provides free learning resources for parents and teachers. The learning materials feature Victor Voltage, Percy Pipe and René Renewable and have a plumbing, electronic or renewable theme. Our vision is to support the time and effort made by parents who work hard getting their children ready for their first years in school and to keep our programme in tune with the wishes of state educational authorities.

The idea behind this web site and the characters is that children need to be interested and engaged in the material they are presented with before the learning process can begin. We believe, and have received positive feedback, that The Adventures of Victor and Percy characters help with this engagement process.  Our work with The Adventures of Victor and Percy as it now stands, March 2014, should be considered as a 'proof of concept'. We believe the work we have done getting Victor and Percy to this stage demonstrates that the concept is worthy of investment and development. We will work hard to move the project forward and would welcome help and support in doing this.

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Percy Pipe

To move on from phase one, we will collaborate with key figures in the educational establishment to ensure that the learning materials presented to parents are suitable as well as engaging for young children. We will also split the resources section of the site into sections that will enable parents to locate and download the materials they require. Our aim is to create a catalogue of material for pre-school and reception level children and make this available free of charge. This catalogue will consist of a range of material in both colour and black and white form. The emphasis will be placed on materials that can be either used on screen, in this case they will be made available in colour or printed cheaply at home, in which case they will be made available in a monochrome format.

  This development will require more funding. We are grateful to EasyFlow for providing $1000 per month sponsorship that has allowed us to get to this stage. We are pleased that EasyFlow has agreed to continue to provide this funding through cash, IT and media support in the next phase of our development. We would be grateful to receive donations and sponsorship and have launched a programme to encourage the involvement and support of commercial and educational organisations. For more information on donations and sponsorship opportunities that range from product placement, branding on this website, the use of the characters on marketing materials and being named as either a supporter or a key sponsor please email .


Meet the Characters

Victor Voltage Percy Pipe
Rene Renewable
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