The free activity sheets available on this site are themed with characters from The Adventures of Victor and Percy. They are presented as Victor Voltage, Percy Pipe, René Renewable or Group activities. The Victor Voltage activities have an electrical or electronic gadget theme. The Percy Pipe activities have a pipes and plumbing theme. The René Renewable activities have a renewable energy theme and focus on nature and the environment. The Group activities feature more than one of the characters.



The character based exercises are then divided into twelve different types of learning activity. These activity types are linked to a child’s early development and help to advance particular skills in children. This learning programme allows the child to identify with a particular character and the parent to devise a fun, skill based learning programme focused on a child’s learning needs.

The child is presented with an image of one of the characters trying to reach a destination. There are three paths to choose from, with only one correct path. These activities can be completed online.

The free learning resources available on this website are aimed at four and five year old pre-school children. Parents are invited to scroll through the free resource libraries to find learning materials suitable for their children. Some of the activities can be done online others such as worksheets or drawing and colouring exercises should be downloaded and printed. The free resources are for personal use by parents and are not for reproduction or commercial use without the permission of the trademark and copyright owner. See Legal Notice

Meet the Characters

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Rene Renewable
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