Percy Pipe

Percy Pipe
Guide to parents – Percy Pipe

Percy WorkingThe following information will enable parents to develop a child’s perception of Percy Pipe. If Percy seen as being a fun and active character and if children identify with him, they are more likely to enjoy completing the learning and development exercises contained in his worksheets. Parents should use this information to build a picture of Percy in their child’s imagination.

Use the background information below to introduce the child to the Percy Pipe. Once the child is familiar with Percy and is having fun completing the free activities and worksheets, parents should use the building blocks to enhance their child’s experience. The building blocks should be used to encourage discussion during and after the learning exercise. They can also be used to help the child solve a puzzle presented in the worksheet or to allow the parent to participate in the activity by asking questions or providing additional information. Over time the use of the building blocks will enhance and develop the image of Percy Pipe and will keep the child interested in the learning and development programme.

Commitment to parents

Pink BathPeppersack Limited, the owners of this site and the licence to develop The Adventures of Victor and Percy materials and merchandise, will add fifteen new free downloads each and every month. This will typically be five activity or worksheets for each of the characters; Victor Voltage, Percy Pipe and René Renewable. In addition Peppersack will add to the character building blocks on a regular basis to provide parents with the tools needed to keep their children’s early development on track.

A range of educational support material such as achievement charts, certificates and awards and a range of merchandise featuring the characters will be made available to purchase in the shop section of this site from Spring 2012.

Background information

Twisted PipesPercy Pipe works as a plumber. He is always being asked to fix peoples’ pipes when they burst. He is a good plumber and has a large toolbox with plenty of plumbing tools inside. He has a large spanner and a small spanner, a hammer and a saw. Whatever the problem if it involves water and pipes then Percy is ready to help.

When Percy is not working he likes to play football with his friends. He loves being outside as being a plumber you are working inside for most of the day and often have your head under a sink or a bath. That’s why Percy gets out into the fresh air as often as he can.

Percy Pipe

Building Blocks

  • Percy Pipe is a plumber
  • Percy Pipe fixes pipes
  • Percy Pipe often gets wet when things go wrong
  • Percy Pipe like getting his hands dirty
  • Percy Pipe has a toolbox full of plumbing tools
  • Percy Pipe has a large spanner and a small spanner
  • Percy Pipe likes working
  • Percy Pipe plays football when he is not working
  • Percy Pipe likes helping people
  • Percy Pipe once flooded a bathroom by mistake
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