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Two images are presented with the second image differing from the first in a number of ways. The child has to identify the differences improving comprehension and visual skills. These activities can be completed online.

Square Puzzle

An image of one of the characters is separated into twelve squares. The parent should print the image and cut it into squares. The child is given the pieces of the puzzle and must reconstruct the picture either with or without the original picture shown online. Improving visual and manual skills.


The child is presented with an image of one of the characters trying to reach a destination. The path through the maze is complicated by a series of alternate routes. This activity improves reasoning skills and encourages the child to persevere with an activity even if their initial efforts are not successful.


Safety activities provide parents with a resource to reinforce the message of what is safe and what is dangerous around the home. Some of these activities can be completed online others should be printed.


The letter activities are a fun way to recognise letters, practice writing letters and to become familiar with the alphabet. These activities should be printed.


All children love to create and colour in pictures. These themed activities are a fun way to improve creative skills.


The basic drawing exercises are templates which are designed to improve both visual and manual skill. The advanced exercises provide a platform for the child to develop their imagination and creativity. This is done by presenting the child with a part finished illustration, requiring the child to understand the context of the image before it can be completed.


The number activities are a fun way to recognise and understand the meaning of numbers and to begin to count. These activities should be printed.


The comprehension exercises present the child with a scenario or puzzle that they must first understand to be able to resolve. The characters keep these activities fun to complete whist improving cognitive ability.

Join the Dots

A traditional and fun activity that improves both visual and manual skill.

Scissor Skills

An important pre-school task, but one that must be completed under supervision and with the use of safety scissors purchased by the parent. Warning: The use of scissors should be supervised.

Visual Skills

The child is presented with an image of one of the characters trying to reach a destination. There are three paths to choose from, with only one correct path. These activities can be completed online.


Percy Pipe

The free Percy Pipe learning resources are aimed at four and five year old pre-school children. Parents are invited to find learning materials suitable for their children. Some of the activities can be done online others such as worksheets or drawing and colouring exercises should be downloaded and printed. The free resources are for personal use by parents and are not for reproduction or commercial use without the permission of the trademark and copyright owner. See Legal Notice

The character based activities are then divided into twelve different types of learning activity. These activity types are linked to a child’s early development and help to advance particular skills in children. This learning programme allows the child to identify with a particular character and the parent to devise a fun, skill based learning programme focused on a child’s learning needs.

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